design :: RESTON

Reston is designed for the imagemaker who wants a clean, elegant and modern design. With its top-right navigation and pull down menus for galleries, Reston is easy to navigate and excels in displaying horizontal images.

Like all of SiteWelder's designs, galleries can be displayed as normal HTML pages or in Flash slideshow format.

We designed this example site with 900 x 600 pixel images (the "large" image setting), and uploaded a series of 900 x 450 pixel images for the homepage slide show. We chose Futura as the sitewide font preference and uploaded a logo created in Photoshop and saved as a  320 x 46 pixel PNG file.

Reston also features an option for site-wide audio. Just upload an MP3 file into your home page section of your PageEditor and it will play on your site. An audio button appears on your pages to turn the audio off-and-on.

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